Graduation Projects

At Worcester Academy, we are all life-long learners. We ask questions, engage in critical and creative thinking, and solve problems. One measure of the success of what we have learned is the application of knowledge outside the classroom. The Graduation Project is a culminating activity to do just that–to explore a passion that might enrich and inform a student’s education, career and life.
In pursuit of a graduation project, each student applies core skills developed at Worcester Academy to problems–either academic, creative or social–challenges faced on campus and beyond the Hilltop. Each student will have the chance to demonstrate skills–in a meaningful, practical way–by grappling with the issue and reflecting on it in an oral presentation and paper. Students choose their own topic as well as the type of project they wish to pursue, including the following six “strands”:
  • Capstones: significant research papers developing original analysis on a specific academic topic
  • Career Engagement: workplace projects providing authentic career experiences
  • Discovery: science and engineering fair projects testing an original hypothesis or design
  • Learning Practicum: teaching experiences developing a short course on an area of interest
  • Masterworks: creative products displaying high proficiency in an artistic or technical field
  • Service Learning: novel programs identifying and addressing an unmet community need
In all of the strands, students are paired with staff members who serve as mentors, and all are encouraged to collaborate with professionals in the greater Worcester community.
The Graduation Project is a graduation requirement because it is a penultimate expression of our values. We hope your student will engage with peers, staff, alumni and the greater community, and we hope you will support our message that the Graduation Project is a unique opportunity for students to find a path, leave a mark, and "Achieve the Honorable".